Optional Features

There are many excellent optional features that you can add to your new shed or barn house that will not only improve the practicality but also increase the value.

The use of translucent sheeting (clearlights) is an excellent, low cost way to allow natural light into your shed. Artificial lighting can be a real burden on the wallet so it is important to find the best natural lighting solution for your needs. However, we wouldn't recommend clearalites for a barn home as they are not really suitable for habitable areas. Clearlights are typically manufactured from fibreglass or polycarbonate.

Clearlights allow light into the shed without the potential security risk of windows, although you may find them uncomfortable to work under if there is too much sunlight. On American Barns we can replace some of the parapet sheets with clearlights to add light while still providing some shading.

As fibreglass clearlights are susceptible to moss growth and have a shorter life than steel roofing, upgrading to polycarbonate may be worthwhile.

barns nz - clearlight

Vermin and Bird Proofing
If you are concerned about rodents getting into the building, a steel flashing around the concrete perimeter will prevent this. Roller door bird brushes can also be used to fill the gap between the roll and the wall, ensuring your shed or barn remains free of pests.

barn house - vermin flashing
Vermin flashing around the concrete perimeter

Joinery Considerations
At Waikato Sheds, we only use the highest residential grade aluminium joinery for windows and PA (Personal Access) doors. Not only does this give our barns and sheds the quality of finish and strength that tin doors and light weight aluminium windows simply can't, but you have access to a full range of sizes, colours and styles. French doors, ranch sliders and bi-folds are also available.

You should always consider size, location and the quantity required to provide ventilation and lighting. Extra doors and windows can easily be added to your shed at a later stage if needed.

Flashings and Barges
When we construct a storage shed or barn house, all flashings and barges are site measured and folded to fit, ensuring the best possible fit and finish. Our kit sets are supplied with standard flashings.

If you require further information about how you can add value to barns and sheds, please call us on 0800 555 147.